308 Days! Tourney Update!

Welp, the first round of my #Disney Animated Film Tournament is complete, so let’s recap and take a look at the 2nd round matchups.

1st Round Results

Group 1

1 Toy Story (78%) over 16 Robin Hood (22%)

9 Finding Dory (79%) over 8 the Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad (21%)

4 the Nightmare Before Christmas (50%) over 13 the Three Caballeros (50%)

5 the Lion King (91%) over 12 Frankenweenie (9%)

2 Up (75%) over 15 Brave (25%)

10 Tarzan (94%) over 7 Ponyo (6%)

3 Beauty and the Beast (78%) over 14 Peter Pan (22%)

11 Tangled (65%) over 6 Monsters Inc (35%)

Group 1 Thoughts: A couple classics going down early in Peter Pan and Robin Hood, both had low seeds and got knocked out by films that should advance to the Sweet 16. Brave was one of, I believe, only 3 princess films to fall in the 1st round, and while Tangled is one of my personal favorite princess films, I’m a little sad to see Monsters Inc go down. One of Asa’s favorites. That Nightmare Before Christmas matchup made me decide how to handle ties right off the bat (for the record, I give the tie to the higher seed).

Group 2

1 Toy Story 3 (54%) over 16 the Hunchback of Notre Dame (46%)

9 the Jungle Book (80%) over 8 the Secret World of Arrietty (20%)

4 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (80%) over 13 the Rescuers (20%)

12 Mulan (90%) over 5 Howl’s Moving Castle (10%)

2 Inside Out (100%) over 15 the Sword in the Stone (0%)

10 A Bug’s Life (57%) over 7 the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (43%)

14 the Emperor’s New Groove (75%) over 3 Pinocchio (25%)

6 Dumbo (50%) over 11 Wreck-It Ralph (50%)

Group 2 Thoughts: That Toy Story 3 v Jungle Book looks like a doozy of a decision to me. A couple more classics going down to newer films with Winnie the Pooh and Pinocchio both dropping out in the first round. My wife will be psyched about Emperor’s New Groove. it’s one of her favorites. I’m a little sad that I had to use the tiebreaker to knock out Wreck-it Ralph. I’m a fan.

Group 3

16 the Good Dinosaur (100%) over 1 Spirited Away (0%)

9 Bambi (86%) over 8 Sleeping Beauty (14%)

4 Aladdin (67%) over 13 Alice in Wonderland (33%)

5 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (55%) over 12 Lilo and Stitch (45%)

2 Finding Nemo (75%) over 15 Cars (25%)

7 Moana (100%) over James and the Giant Peach (0%)

3 Toy Story 2 (83%) over 14 Bolt (17%)

11 Frozen (67%) over 6 One Hundred and One Dalmations (33%)

Group 3 Thoughts: While it was already apparent that I probably have should have skipped over the Disney distributed Studio Ghibli films, it became even more apparent when Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece, Spirited Away (which, for the record, was my wife’s champion, when she ran through this bracket), came away with no votes, as a one seed. Oh well. Also, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? slipped by Lilo and Stitch with some late votes. Finding Nemo coming out over Cars fairly substantially, considering it would have been a tough decision for me. Nemo heads toward another worthy opponent in Moana. He might have the toughest road to the championship. Quite possibly, the biggest surprise for me, was Sleeping Beauty getting throttled by Bambi. Bambi’s good and all, but most of the princess movies had slid right through up to this point, and Sleeping Beauty has always been a favorite.

Group 4

1 Wall-E (100%) over 16 Fantasia 2000 (0%)

9 Lady and the Tramp (100%) over 8 the Wind Rises (0%)

4 Fantasia (50%) over 13 the Great Mouse Detective (50%)

5 Zootopia (67%) over 12 Hercules (33%)

2 Ratatouille (75%) over 15 Monsters University (25%)

7 the Little Mermaid (67%) over 10 Big Hero 6 (33%)

3 the Incredibles (67%) over 14 the Princess and the Frog (33%)

6 Cinderella (90%) over 11 Winnie the Pooh (10%)

Group 4 thoughts: Those last 4 matchups were the only daily group with no upsets (aside from my broken heart for Baymax, and my wifey’s favorite princess, Tiana). A little sad to see Winnie the Pooh fail to advance with either of his films, but I certainly didn’t expect the recent one to take down Cinderella. Fantasia skated in at the last second as Great Mouse Detective had a one vote lead, when Twitter was “finalizing poll”. It has a tough matchup against Zootopia in the next round though. Wall-E was the only 1 seed with more than 80% of the vote.


I decided I’m only gonna run these polls Monday thru Friday, as the Saturday, Sunday matchups got fewer votes than the others. I also decided not to take the day off today, so we could reach the Elite 8 by the end of next week. All that said, here are your second round matchups.

Group 1

1 Toy Story v 9 Finding Dory

4 the Nightmare Before Christmas v 5 the Lion King

2 Up v 10 Tarzan

3 Beauty and the Beast v 11 Tangled

Group 2

1 Toy Story 3 v 9 the Jungle Book

4 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs v 12 Mulan

2 Inside Out v 10 A Bug’s Life

14 the Emperor’s New Groove v 6 Dumbo

Group 3

16 the Good Dinosaur v 9 Bambi

4 Aladdin v 5 Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

2 Finding Nemo v 7 Moana

3 Toy Story 2 v 11 Frozen

Group 4

1 Wall-E v 9 Lady and the Tramp

4 Fantasia v 5 Zootopia

2 Ratatouille v 7 the Little Mermaid

3 the Incredibles v 6 Cinderella

Good luck to all the films and may all your favorites win (but not if they’re up against mine).


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