317 Days! Let’s have a tournament!

What are your favorite Disney films? Let’s have them duke it out!

So, I’ve still got a ways to go, and I’m bored, and want to have some Disney fun. So, I’ve crunched some numbers (IMDB, Metacritic, and Rotten Tomatoes scores) and seeded all the top 64 Disney Animated Theatrical Releases. I did kick out a few films that either didn’t have at least 2 scores, or if they had 2, but those 2 had a huge disparity. I also made a personal judgment towards the bottom to get one of my childhood favorites in (so it can lose in the first round). I’ll post these as polls (let’s go with 4 a day) on our Twitter page (@daddydoesdisney), so keep an eye out, and let’s get to ranking.

Here’s how the bracket fell out:

Group 1

1 Toy Story v 16 Robin Hood
8 the Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad v 9 Finding Dory

4 the Nightmare Before Christmas v 13 the Three Caballeros
5 the Lion King v 12 Frankenweenie

2 Up v 15 Brave
7 Ponyo v 10 Tarzan

3 Beauty and the Beast v 14 Peter Pan
6 Monsters Inc v 11 Tangled

Group 2

1 Toy Story 3 v 16 the Hunchback of Notre Dame
8 the Secret World of Arrietty v 9 the Jungle Book

4 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs v 13 the Rescuers
5 Howl’s Moving Castle v 12 Mulan

2 Inside Out v 15 the Sword in the Stone
7 the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977) v 10 A Bug’s Life

3 Pinocchio v 14 the Emperor’s Groove
6 Dumbo v 11 Wreck-It Ralph

Group 3

1 Spirited Away v 16 the Good Dinosaur
8 Sleeping Beauty v 9 Bambi

4 Aladdin v 13 Alice in Wonderland
5 Who Framed Roger Rabbit? v 12 Lilo & Stitch

2 Finding Nemo v 15 Cars
7 Moana v 10 James and the Giant Peach

3 Toy Story 2 v 14 Bolt
6 101 Dalmations v 11 Frozen

Group 4

1 Wall-E v 16 Fantasia 2000
8 the Wind Rises v 9 the Lady and the Tramp

4 Fantasia v 13 the Great Mouse Detective
5 Zootopia v 12 Hercules

2 Ratatouille v 15 Monsters University
7 the Little Mermaid v 10 Big Hero 6

3 the Incredibles v 14 the Princess and the Frog
6 Cinderella v 11 Winnie the Pooh (2011)



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