Alcohol Added to Disney Dining Plan 2018

So, the big rumor this week (at least at our house, my wife and I high fived) is that alcoholic beverages will be added to the Disney Dining Plan for 2018. Under the new plans, guests will be able to choose between one non-alcoholic specialty drink or alcoholic beverage per meal. Obviously, we’re probably going to see a price hike, but since I was going to be paying more to get alcohol anyway, we cool.

Alas, against our initial hopes, I still can’t use all those snack credits to drink around the world in Epcot.

Pricing Your Trip

We’re traveling in 2018, so I actually haven’t had a chance to crunch the real numbers for our trip. 2018 packages will be able towards the end of this month (June 2017) and we should be able to delve into the numbers for 2018 at that point. For now, I’ve still been going off of 2017 prices and just assuming a 3-5% hike in those numbers.

You can go through and pull numbers direct from Disney’s site, but when I’m crunching data and building spreadsheets and what not, I prefer to just go to WDWinfo and get all the beautiful data in one place.

You can find 2017 resort rates here:

(Note that depending on where you stay, you might be able to get a discount on your resort)

2017 Dining Plan Costs are here:

2017 Ticket prices are here:

With Pandora opening recently, and Toy Story Land opening in 2018, expect prices to take another decent jump, and probably another one in 2019, with Star Wars Land coming down the pipe.

All in all, these numbers are a pretty good place to start and to get idea of what kind of budget you need to have.